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‘Lady Blunt’ Stradivarius to be auctioned at Tarisio

This post originally appeared on the ‘fiddlefish.com’ blog. It’s here for archival purposes only.

The Nippon Music Foundation is selling its priceless “Lady Blunt” Strad having all proceeds benefit a major Japanese tsunami relief fund. This violin is one of the most sought after violins of all time. This could be the biggest and most important exchange in fine instruments to date. Its sale, for any reason, is unprecidented. Having all proceeds go towards such a wonderful cause will further this violin’s legacy, for certain. I estimate the hammer price to be close to 18 million US dollars. Tarisio auction house was chosen to broker this monumental sale which undoubtedly validates them as being the leader in fine instrument exchange. Way to go Tarisio for being involved in this historical event!