My mission is to present the emotion, poetry & heart of the violin alone.

So, why do I focus just on works for violin alone?

Some of the greatest composers wrote for solo violin: J.S. Bach, for example. His Six Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin could be the finest in the entire violin repertoire, in fact. Or how about Paganini’s twenty-four barn-burning caprices? It showcases every trick in the violinist’s arsenal while casting a spell over the audience. Yea, the solo violin repertoire is deep and rich, and is capable of immersing its listers into a theater of sound. For me, presenting the great works for violin alone is what it’s all about.

My sonata ensemble is Minsky Duo & can be explored at

I perform exclusively with a violin made by Jan B. Spidlen; an insturment inspired by the ‘Plowden’ 1735 Guarneri, del Gesù.