aug 3

Knuckle gaze

In a previous post, I went to some length describing how a chamber music hack — checking in with string players’ left hands in order to coordinate — was also a great solo tactic for keeping excellent coordination when the passagework is quick and prickly.

Well, it works, sort of. But compared to looking down at your right knuckles when the passage is quick staccato, it’s a loser.

I’ve tested both quite a bit, and so long as the passage isn’t slurred, the best way to keep the bow arm and left hand in sync, is to gaze down at them undulating right-hand knuckles. For some reason, the information relayed from the bow-hand, is more meaningful, and when you bring a darting section up to tempo, it’s a miracle how everything just pumps along without issue.

I’ll generally resort to anything to get through stressful passages. And with the knuckle gaze, I’ve certainly found a crutch that works for me.